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Review Joining Smart Technologies 2023

That was Joining Smart Technologies 2023

Sustainability and digitization

On May 10th and 11th, 2023, Fronius hosted the seventh International Automotive Conference in Sattledt, Austria. Around 130 participants from 16 countries, in which the automotive industry plays a major role, enjoyed the lively exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sustainability and digitization in joining technology were the hot topics of the event.

Twelve experts for digitization artificial intelligence and joining technology as well as sustainability professionals from leading companies discussed ecological, economic, and social aspects of sustainability.


TU München

Prof. Rüdiger Daub
Univ.-Prof. DR.-Ing. Rüdiger Daub

Efficient use of resources in production through digitization.

Audi AG

Alexander Schmidt
Alexander Schmidt

AI based characteristic modeling for the arc welding process.


Markus Lachenmaier
Markus Lachenmaier

Laser applications in the BMW iX – from the body to the powertrain.

University of Stuttgart

Prof. Oliver Riedel
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Riedel

AI in (automotive)production – where is the road heading?

General Manager Dynafit

Benedikt Böhm
Benedikt Boehm

Courage to take new paths - success through reduction and decisiveness.

FH Upper Austria

FH-Prof. Dr. Alexander Brendel-Schauberger / Dr. Bernhard Freiseisen

How to deal with constant change & multiple crises in a dynamic environment – an empirical investigation in the Austrian B2B sector.


Dr. Andreas Pittner
Dr. Andreas Pittner

Ecological balancing of fusion welding processes considering upstream and downstream process steps.

voestalpine greentec steel

Michaela Kraus
Dipl.-Ing. Michaela Kraus

Taking big steps towards a greener future.


Christoph Wagner
Christoph Wagner

Sustainability Siemens.


Poldi Heidrich
Poldi Heidrich

Sustainability in robotics.

Fronius Int. GmbH

Kathrin Helmberger
Katrin Helmberger

Social responsibility and industry (not) a contradiction.

Scribbles of the event